Mobike, as the first to the market and Innovative IoT, data company, is transforming our quality of city life through transportation. As a brilliant leader and communicator, Florian shared sharp insights on growth, marketing, and partnership strategy today.

It’s NOT by spending marketing dollar that you create hype, BUT by having a kick ass user experience

  • Guerrilla marketing history behind UBER, Mobike and others
  • Marketing dollar is usually spent without clear ROI, UI/UX is more valuable in the long run
  • Focusing on user experience is the key aspect to increase stickiness
  • Focusing on UX to increase brick 3 of the user acquisition process (acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, referral)

And others as well

  • Learning from company growth from dozens to hundreds of employees
  • Entrepreneurship in China
  • Prerequisites to be a fast growing company in addition to great product
  • Mobike story and vision


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Twitter @mobikeflo


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